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In 2016, we got our European Union license in the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 2018, we have been working in cooperation with the German government in hiring and integrating foreigners into the labor market and life in Germany

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GAG senior administrative representative: Dr. Hazem Suokar is a 15-year M.D. and a senior doctor at St. Barbara in St. Francisco foundation in Germany.

One of the largest areas is the medical field

We are hiring in the medical field

According to the Federal Chamber of Physicians, there were 416,120 working doctors in 2021, including about 56,107 foreign doctors working in Germany. (1).

About 1.7 million people work in care facilities, 460,000 of them are in hospitals, and 1.2 million are in inpatient and outpatient care, about 13% of them are foreign workers. (2)

There are currently about 1903 hospitals in Germany,[5]

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